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The 300,000-yen (US$2,650) mask is made of resin and plastic, in an attempt to accurately duplicate an individual’s face down to fine wrinkles and skin texture.

Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China - China Commodity Net

PLASTIC PACKAGING ROLL FILM. H.S CODE:39209990 Model:Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA Europe Africa Oceania Introduction:Suitable to pack various kind of food, snack, ice cream, juice and etc.

Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China - China Commodity Net

Products/Services We Offer:Nonwoven cloth disposable medical and health supplies and plastic paper health supplies Primary Business Type:Manufacturer Trader Code for Imp.

Volunteers sew masks for health workers facing shortages

Around 500 masks a day are coming off sewing machines at the Paratroop School in Murcia, in the country’s southeast, according to the Air Force’s Twitter account. In Belgium, what began as a one-woman operation about a week ago grew to a small army of home-sewing mask-makers within days.

'Millions' protest in youth-led global climate strike

"We are the future and we deserve better," 12-year-old Lilly Satidtanasarn, known as "Thailand's Greta" for her campaign against plastic bags in malls, told AFP in Bangkok. Schoolchildren rallied in India while thousands protested in the Philippines, which experts say faces threats from rising sea levels and increasingly violent storms.

Notification for Jiangsu-bound Travelers(English, Japanese

Please be aware that self-protection remains to be important even after the end of the quarantine. Reduce unnecessary visits to other places, avoid group gathering, refrain from going to parties or dining in crowded places, wear a mask in the correct way when going outside, wash hands and ventilate rooms frequently, and keep good hygiene habits.


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Sheet3 Sheet2 Sheet1 - Machinery for making cartons, boxes, cases, tubes, drums or similar containers, other than by moulding - Machines for moulding articles in paper pulp, paper or paperboard


The shop offers facekinis in all sizes, colors, and designs. I vacillated between a Beijing opera mask and the Spiderman look. However, I eventually went for a model in classic light blue, like that in the summer edition of CR Fashion Book in 2014. Check. But all I could find is a plastic inflatable David Beckham doll. In the end, I plumped

Nanjing traffic police resumes services offline ENGLISH

·Nanjing Port offers quality service to help companies resume work · Nanjing landlord waives three months’ rent for Afghanistan student · Nanjing installs plastic film in taxi amid epidemic control · Nanjing suspends sale of antipyretic, cough medicines in drugstores · Nanjing offers online teaching for some 960,000 students