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RESPRO’NSE:“The Sportsta mask comes with a Particle filter included which works best for small and fine particulates less than 1 micron. The Techno Filter is more specifically designed for those who need protection in the urban environment where there is a mix of pollutants in the air.

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A specially developed mask to provide country and sports cyclists with excellent protection against particulate pollution Uses a HepA-type filter to protect against sub-micron particulates such as pollens and respirable dusts Includes two free flowing Powa valves to allow unimpeded exhalation, which is particularly important when riding at your limit Comes in two sizes, with a contoured shape

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The filter is suitable for use in heavily polluted environments, i.e. air that is full of diesel particulates and respirable dusts that lodge deep within the lungs and air sacs. It is a combination of the Sportsta filter and the City filter giving you both sub-micron particle filtration with gas and vapor filtration.

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Replace your Sportsta mask filter after 50-60 hours of use. Each Respro Sportsta Replacement Filter offers superior filtration of particles like dust, pollen, and dander. Two filters per pack.

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Breathe easier with the Respro Sportsta replacement filter (medium). Trapping particles as small as 0.1 microns, these electrostatically charged filters remove pollen, dander, dust, and other particulate from the air you breathe. Two filters per pack.

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Can the Respro allergy filters and valves be successfully paired with the Respro skin outer-shells while still maintaining its function as a secure allergy mask? And if not, is it possible with any of your other, more colorful masks, like the Sportsta or City masks?

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These looked a little different to the replacement filters I'd used before but fitted my sportsta mask fine. It appears there are multiple colours for the same product. Worth making sure if you have the medium or large sized mask to ensure you get the right size filters.

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The CE Sportsta ™ mask is an upgraded version of Sportsta ™ available from the 2019/2020 season. It was created mainly for runners, cyclists and lovers of cycling. This unique design ensures maximum comfort during physical exertion and excellent protection against pollution confirmed by EU test certificates. All thanks

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The Respro Sportsta mask combines Hepa-Type filtration performance associated with sub-micron pollutants such as pollen and other irritant dusts, with a lightweight Neotex aerated REQUEST TO REMOVE Catalog Advanced Search


The Techno™ mask combines the Sportsta™ mask’s Hepa-Type filtration for sub-micron pollutants with the City™ mask’s Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth (DACC™) filter. This combination provides increased performance ability covering a broader spectrum of dusts and nuisance odours than either filter

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The Sportsta™ mask offers maximum ventilation without sacrificing filtration. To maximize rider performance, state of the art Powa valves are a standard feature and a must for all who ride to their limits.The Sportsta™ mask is usable in all outdoor sports

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The Respro Sportsta mask combines Hepa-Type filtration performance associated with sub-micron pollutants such as pollen and other irritant dusts, with a lightweight Neotex aerated mask. To maximize rider performance, state-of-the-art Powa valves are a standard feature and a